Which is The Best Arya Vysya Business Networking Organisation

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Which is The Best Arya Vysya Business Networking Organisation


B- Business
S- Support
H- Help
I- Information
P- Promotion


The caption ”A lot can happen over a cup of coffee” is so true that the idea of BSHIP sparked among friends who meet over coffee. This was an idea which was perceived and conceptualized on NOV 23rd 2013 by founders. As part of execution, founders had put efforts in conceptualizing the idea, setting up standards, rules, Hierarchies, Business categories. The execution of the idea was witnessed on FEB 22nd 2014 when the first BSHIP hub started. And many amazing people having same ideologies joined and then we didn‘t look back. BSHIP is still on with the same spirit but now as a team and expanded in volume as well as geographically. We now have 7 hubs with no clash of categories.
  • MAHARAJAS in Mysore
  • INNOVATORS in Chennai


Establish BSHIP business hubs in all Major Metros.
Establish BSHIP Virtual business hubs in all 2 &3 Tier Cities.
To establish BSHIP as Arya Vysya Chamber of Commerce.
Grow BSHIP to a Global Organization.
Have a minimum of 10 HUBS outside India.
BSHIP Business Development Fund @ Very Low Interest.
Have a minimum of 5 Startup & Incubation Centers in India.
Have a minimum of 1 Startup & Incubation Centers outside India.
Own Office Space For BSHIP In Bangalore.


  • Business networking is a valuable way to gain new clients and to build a sustainable business.
  • Visibility is all not about how many you know, it's about how many know you. Being visible and getting noticed is the biggest benefit of networking.
  • Networking provides you with a great source of connections and yields to a network of networks which results in successful transactions.


  • Allows to connect people and collaborate with each other.
  • Provides an opportunity for joint ventures.
  • Provides a way to get into partnerships.
  • By indulging in meetings, it improves speaking and writing skills and most importantly people management.


  • By exchanging business within a community leads to community growth.
  • Provide sessions and training for skill development.
  • Scope to exercise the expertise and creativity by taking up roles and responsibilities which in turn will help in increasing visibility.
  • Build confidence by being innovative in presenting yourself.


  • Learning platform where we get to learn a Business mantra every fifteen days.
  • One to One interaction get to know success stories, learn business strategies, expand knowledge, attain new clients and express about your business


  • With 60 seconds introduction, we get to practice how to promote ourselves crisply in a short time
  • With 10 minutes presentation, we get a chance to educate others about our business and the ways to promote us. In short build a sales team
  • ”Seeing is believing ”. The provision of a display table helps in feeling the product.
  • We are energized with Motivation through team building activities, Events and participation is always recognized
Do you like to join hands together to bring Favorable change in Arya Vysya business community

For membership Click Here


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